House Rules

We hope you have a great experience here at Urban Tiger but politely remind you of some house rules …

Please beware that CCTV cameras are installed throughout the club and private dance areas for the protection of both staff and customers.

The exchange of telephone numbers, email addresses or other personal details between performers and customers is strictly prohibited. ,p.Phones must not be used inside the club but they may be used outside. On arrival you will be asked to switch your phone off whilst inside the premises. Anybody found to be ignoring this rule will be asked to leave the club immediately.

At no time during the performance of a lap dance may there be any contact between a performer and customer. Any customer attempting to make physical contact with performers will be asked to leave the premises.

Random search policies operate in this club. Please do not leave any belongings unattended.

Although we are open till 4am there is no re entry after 3am. This includes customers wishing to smoke and use cash machines.

Performers must be treated with respect at all times. Management, Security and Performers reserve the right to stop a dance at anytime or ask you to leave the premises if they feel your behaviour is inconsiderate.

Any person found either possessing, using or distributing any type of drug will be banned from these premises and reported to the police.

Urban Tiger

Urban Tiger

4 Broad Quay

For all enquiries contact us via the booking forms and a member of the team will get back to you